Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in Vegas

 Blake's family got together in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving to visit Grandma Horst. Despite just having Peyton, Blake and Sam needed to go see siblings and cousins. The rest of us stayed behind to party with the original Proffit crew.
On Thanksgiving morning, everyone went to the Las Vegas Turkey Trot 5k and 1 mile funrun.  
At the end of the race, they called out winners of each division. A Holiday was named in nearly EVERY age group!
The day after, a countless number of cousins hit the Vegas Strip! 
I hear that started out in single-file line,
 went to the buddy system, and then abandoned all order and ran around crazy.
 Poor little Sammie was too small for the roller coaster, so instead went to the M&M Factory. 
 Breakfast at the infamous Paris Buffet. When they got there, the line was 1 1/2 hr to 2 hr wait. Somehow, Brian was able to completely skirt the line and get a room with tables for 35 people...sitting together. We never know how he is able to pull these perks off...but it is impressive enough to never leave his side.
A bubble bath even Alayna would be jealous of.
 Southwest Airlines was extra kind to Sammie on the flight home. She was able to pass out the snacks and got countless coloring pages.

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