Thursday, October 14, 2010

She's Here!!

Alayna Elizabeth Holiday
October 14, 2010
5 lbs 11 oz
19"Iddy-bitty, teeny-tiny, but healthy and strong! It was a very calm and relaxing environment, and she is perfect!
Details if you want :)
Proud Big Sister SamanthaGrandma and her girlsFirst birthday cake and songWhat a great labor and delivery! I have never been one for inductions...I always assumed it was only for the convenience of doctors schedules...but I might be converted! Blake and I checked into the hospital at 10pm on Wednesday. I got hooked up to an IV, baby heart monitor and a contraction monitor. I was dilated 1cm and 50% effaced. At midnight they gave me a prostaglandin to help stimulate contractions. My water broke at 2am (at 3cm) and I had contractions until 4:30. Got an epidural and started pitocin at 5:30am. Blake and I continued sleeping until about 7:30am...that's when a bunch of nurses came in and started turning on lights and setting things up. We were kinda annoyed because we were expecting to sleep and wait things out. One of the nurses said I was at 10cm, my blood pressure had slightly dropped and the baby was ready to come....what?! Dr Cole was called and on her way, and the nurses said to go ahead and push. So, I did...or at least tried...epidurals are great, I couldn't feel a thing, including whether or not I was actually pushing. Apparently I was, so they had me stop and wait for the doctor. 3 pushes later, Alayna was born.

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