Saturday, April 17, 2010


We finally did it! A family campout!Well, I guess we shouldn't take too much credit. We crashed Grandma & Papa's ward campout, which was completely planned with food provided. We basically got in the car (not ours, we hitched a ride) with pillows, toothbrushes and a flashlight. We prepped Sam all week for the big event. We practiced making S'mores, had lots of talks of tents and sleeping bags, and since every night already involves a flashlight, she was ready!We went to Stephen F. Austin campground, which is only about a half hour away. The site was wonderful! I guess I was expecting a lot of dirt and humidity...but got none of that! It was really green and beautiful, right on the Brazos River (not so green or beautiful). We roasted hot dogs on the fire and had the Knies' famous homemade french fries. Sammie wasn't all that interested in being so close to the camp fire, but had no problem eating, and eating and eating! Sam played with a bunch of the kids....gathering sticks, playing 'find the twirly rings,' water balloons, bubbles, freezbie, and just running around. She wanted to go to bed so early! Shocking! The tent and sleeping bags were the highlight for her. It took her about 2 hours of zipping and unzipping the windows, testing everyone's sleeping bags, wanting to see the rain, and of course, flashlight games. She was the last one asleep, by a long shot.

We woke up to breakfast tacos and a hike to the river. Everyone we passed on the trail, Sammie would ask, "Have you seen Tarzan?" It was hilarious. There were vines growing off the trees everywhere...interesting that that was her connection.We are excited for our next adventure. If anyone is going, we'd love to tag along...we'll even contribute to the planning and executing!


Dean said...

Tarzan? Ha ha... nice to see that my Coca-Cola shirt has been demoted to the "campfire" shirt...guess it has to happen sooner or later! Wish we could have come. Look forward to coming down there towards the end of the year! Tell Sammie to get ready for Diit and Nitney!

Dean said...

Did I use enough of these !!!!! haha I'm trying to cut back.

Brit said...

Mmmmm s'mores!!!!!!! I just wanted to join in on the exclamation point excitement.