Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"About Me" Books

For the past couple weeks in Joy School, the girls have been working on their 'about me' books. They have created lots of artwork and pages that tell the reader everything that makes them unique, special and important. Today was the final day...we got the books and assembled all the pages. They each did a presentation of their books, shared their favorite pages and a performed a talent.
Heather likes her profile page.
She showed us how she can write her name.Samantha also likes her profile page.
She can also write her name...she explained the "A" comes first.Lauren likes her painting page.
She sang everyone a song...with everyone's help.
Avery likes her family page.
She demonstrated her gymnastics and taught everyone cartwheels.Today was a great day and they had fun. Sam has reorganized her pages over and over and over. We also added artwork from past months at school.

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