Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Shell!

Samantha has officially changed Michelle's name...from Deesh to Shell. It all started when she started practicing singing, "Happy Birthday" to Michelle (started after Ray's birthday in July). She now thinks that everyone has 2 names (Mom=Jamie, Dad=Blake, Papa=Mike, Grandma=Gayla)

We celebrated Shell's 33rd birthday with Ray's awesome cooking, a homemade cake from Melissa and the Beatles Rock Band.While we were lighting the candles of Michelle's cake, Sam peeked out of the corner of her eyes at Michelle (so as not to take her sight off the cake) and said (with all the excitement of a little girl),
"This is gonna be so fun!"Special thanks to everyone for attending the jam session/tryouts.

We are officially setting up the band on Wednesday night...band members are as follows:

Lead Guitarist = Jamie (NOT Michelle)Bass = RayDrums = Blake (NOT Sam)Vocals = Michelle (NOT Papa)

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