Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday - Cinco de Mayo Style

Blake's birthday falls on May 4th...and Cinco de Mayo is...well, duh May 5th. As long as I've known Blake, he has celebrated his birthday with a pinata full of his favorite candy. If only Blake liked Mexican food, we'd have a perfectly themed event. He requested seafood, so Ray cooked up Cioppino. Everyone got a swing at the pinata.Sammie and Dwama took a break because Sammie couldn't handle all the noise and abuse...but still enjoyed the candy.Happy Birthday Daddy!


Ginger said...

Jamie---Looks like you made the famous double chocolate chip cake! Happy Birthday Blake! P.S. How's the potty training coming? Your post on "parenting hell week" was hilarious!

Emily and Jake Shoff said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAKE! We are loving 30 so hopefully you will too! We need to have a big party when we see you next! Call us PLEASE when you are in town next. WE miss you guys tons! Loves~