Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baby Goats Arrive at the Property

We took a quick trip to the property before it gets too hot. The neighbors raise goats, and the season of the babies had arrived! They had 40 baby goats! We got to go meet them...Sammie had a great time until she realized there were baby kitties too.Blake got a new shotgun for his birthday. Boys and their guns. It was pretty funny to look out the window and see them laid out in the dirt shooting at dirt.They also had way too much fun on the 4wheeler in the rain.Ray created another fabulous meal...steaks cooked on lump charcoal.This is our attempt at taking a family photo. We had Dad's camera resting on top of the the wind. DUH! Not a good idea. Incomplete picture and a broken camera...what a bummer!

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