Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Week In California

After months of planning, thousands of dollars and millions of emails, the long awaited trip to California has come and gone! There is nothing better than a wedding to bring a family together again. We don't realize how much we had missed everyone!"A Lifetime Joy"
10 brothers and sisters. All married and sealed in the temple. Wishing Andy were there!
In memory of Mom Holiday. Now that the group is complete, it is time to start planning the sister's retreat!
"Airpain!" Samantha was very excited to go on the airplane, "I wanna go up high! Mama, higher!"Confining a toddler, in the throws on her terrible twos, to an airplane seat for 3 hours in nothing short of a nightmare. Aunt Melissa let Sam borrow her portable DVD player. Wow, did this work miracles!
Early mornings and late nights left the kids exhausted! Sam slept in her clothes almost every night. Who knew putting her to bed could be so easy!
Sam had fun everyday! We hope she remembers it all! Everyone made fun of me for taking nearly 200 pictures a day. Surprisingly enough, I only have about 100 good ones to help us remember this great reunion of loved ones.

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Linsey said...

What a good looking family! Yep, weddings are expensive, but they do an excellent job of bringing the family together (and that is priceless). I know, I sound like commercial. I'm going to have to try that DVD thing. :)