Friday, April 3, 2009

Sea World in San Diego

After all the wedding festivities were over, we headed to Sea World the next day. All the kids were exhausted, but managed to have one more day of over-stimulation. Sam's cousin Jessica got to be in the Shamu program! Samantha was happy one minute and then throwing a tantrum the next. She was just so tired! I'm only showing the happy pictures. That way, I might actually forget how awful she can be. We spent most of our time in the fish tanks. She loved pressing her nose up against the glass, waving and screaming, "hi fish!" She also loved the belugas, penguins and the flamingos.
Elmo's Playground was a hit! She was 1/4" too small for most of the bouncing areas, but she got to ride the rides and climb the ropes and play in the baby area.
Our last stop was Atlantis. I think this was the only ride I rode the entire weekend.
I couldn't resist posting these pictures of Blake and Craig on the ride...maybe a bit too frightening for Craig!

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