Saturday, June 23, 2012

Seven Meadows Sailfish

 This summer Sammie joined the neighborhood swim team.We tried it last year, but she become disinterested too soon...and we didn't want to force a 4 year old. It's amazing what a difference a year made!
She practiced every weeknight in the month of May in the evenings, and every early morning in June. Thank goodness the neighbors were with us to make it fun!
5 swim meets later and she has definitely improved.  
She is a strong, but lazy swimmer. There may not be a competitive bone in her body...but she has fun! 
For example, if she hears me cheering, she will stop mid stroke and lookup to wave at me...during the race.
It's awesome.
Sammie collected a ton of ribbons!
And, is looking forward to next year!

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