Saturday, February 25, 2012

ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run

Blake has been looking forward to this race for an entire year!!! Last February, he was talked into running in this 10k with ZERO preparation. He ran it in 1:14. Around May, he started exercising and training for this years redemption.His goal = under 50 minutes
Official Time = 49:40 with 7:59 mile

This was my first race ever, and everyone knows I am just not into this kinda thing. I will admit, it was fun...I can see what all the excitement is about. I was a far cry from training or really getting ready for this. I usually run about 3 miles, once a week...and walk with Alayna a few more times a week. Basically, 6 miles is the furthest I have EVER ran.
My goal = DO NOT STOP RUNNING and beat Blake's time last year.
Official Time = 1:10:00 with 11:15 mile.

We made a great weekend out of this. We were able to have my mom and dad come along. We stayed at the Hilton on Friday night. Rode scooters around downtown to find somewhere appropriate to eat dinner, swam in the pool and stayed up late. Blake and I walked down to the race the next morning, while the everyone else had breakfast and lined up on the streets for the runners and rodeo parade. Blake was able to see them while running...but I gave up when I couldn't find them at the predetermined cross street. We met back for more swimming (HOT TUB) and then found a late lunch at Hefley's Bar.


Michelle said...

Congrats on the 10k! That is awesome!

Ginger said...

Soooo cool that you both ran the 10K this year! Congrats to Blake for shaving tons of minutes off his time! And congrats to Jamie on running the whole race and beating Blake's time from last year!!