Friday, January 27, 2012

We're Goin' to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

We LOVE when Blake gets his day off for the month. It was beautiful outside, so we forked over a ridiculous amount of money to visit the Houston Zoo.
As you can guess, Alayna wanted to explore every nook and cranny of the zoo...on foot and uninhibited.
She really, really tried hard to catch this little bird. can never get too old.
It's just so magical!
Well...maybe not for everyone.I can't believe how real this giraffe looks!
Sammie is making the appropriate elephant noises and action.
Alayna got quite a fright when this albino alligator decided to move...right towards her!
I had fun acting like I knew what I was doing with one of my camera lenses...gettin' up close and personal!
A few more snaps of our favorite animals of the day.

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