Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to You!

Samantha Michelle
October 8th
Alayna Elizabeth
October 14th
What a weekend! We celebrated Samantha and Alayna's birthdays on Saturday with a backyard party! We are terrible at editing lists of friends, so we invited just about everyone. At the craziest, I think the count was 16 friends, 5 babies, 7 siblings, and 17 adults. Yikes!
Bounce House
We were sure this would be the highlight of the party...but it was trumped by the fort.
Fort & Swings
They could have played for 2 hours on here alone.
Craft Table - Jump Ropes
Grandma & Papa were in charge of the jump-rope making table. I underestimate the focus that little girls have....they just love to chit chat and craft...wonder where that comes from :)
Although none of them really ate a thing, they have appreciation for the social time. Lots of giggles and friendly name calling.
Dance Party
Aunt Melissa was in charge of the music, and did great! Most of the dancing was done with the family while setting up, but Heather and Sammie continued it throughout the afternoon. If anyone wants a CD, I am happy to burn you a copy!
Baby Ball Pit
Yes...we were also celebrating Alayna's birthday...kind of. She had a few of her buddies over to play: Isla, Atley, Lyle and Henry. Of course, not a single one would look at the camera (all 15 takes and this is the best).
Impromptu Make-up Session
One of Sammie's presents was a giant makeup case. It was a hit. They all went right outside and starting having a beauty parlor...there was no stopping the fun. Thank you Brooklyn!
I even caught the boys checking out the loot...
Cake & Ice Cream
Alayna will be having her very own cake on to come.And, presents!
Quite a whirl-wind of wrapping paper, bags and happy faces. Both girls got lots of great gifts...thank you!
Thank you to everyone who helped us make memories today!

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Ginger said...

What an awesome birthday party!!! Happy #5 to Sam, and Happy #1 to Alayna!!!