Tuesday, September 13, 2011


No big surprise here, but Samantha is loving school! She seriously doesn't stop talking about it when I pick her up. And when I drop her off, she is so quick to jump right into things, poor Alayna and I have to find and tackle her for our kiss goodbye.Can you blame her...with a fun group like this!
Ms Sandy and Ms Patty
Look at her right hand...when she does that I can just hear her saying, "now, here's what we're gonna do..."
Concentrating oh so hard!
Anxiously awaiting praise :)

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Jackie Pickett said...

I hadn't seen this post of Samantha...wow! She is growing up so quickly...I know she turns 5 soon...I had see your post below but hadn't seen the pictures of her actually in school. Where does she attend? How many days is she going and is it for just a few hours each day? So glad she's a happy young student!