Friday, June 3, 2011

Schlitterbahn New Braunsfels

We finally made it to Schlitterbahn! Sammie (I should say Blake), has been looking forward to this trip for years. Now that Sam is tall enough for all the rides, we loaded the car and headed up before school let out for the summer.
We had a great time! No crowds and no lines!
Alayna and I followed these two fools around to all the slides.Sammie insisted that I go on them too. Sam was able to ride everything twice...pretty clever.
Things we did right: Come while school is in, 1st ones in & last ones out, bring food & drinks, water shoes, Baby Bjorn. Lessons learned: Park on the new side, bring a rolling cooler, only need one towel, don't need to bring chairs/umbrellas/strollers.
We weren't able to do the 40 minute tube float. Definitely a must for the next trip in August...yes, it is already planned. Thumbs up!
Everyone's favorite part of the day was floating along on the lazy river in tubes. Even Alayna enjoyed her very own tube.
Sam rode everything fearlessly!

Blake teased Sammie, "I bet Grandma & Papa didn't come because they are too scared." Sammie's reply, "no, they couldn't come because they are too old!" A perfect ending to any mini-vacation...BBQ, hotel pool, Bucee's and San Marcos Outlets.

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Amy said...

I told Jeff we should've gone with you! It looks like so much fun. I can't wait to hear all about it.