Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break with Summer, Drew and Dawna

Summer, Drew and Dawna flew in from Tucson, Arizona to spend their spring break with us in Houston. We had a great time! I have been going through the thousands of pictures everyone took over the past week. Seriously, thousands...and they are all crap! I guess that is what happens when you let Sammie get a hold of 3 different cameras. Here are the ones that best represent our minivan adventures. We miss the live-in nannies, but don't miss the late-night (every night) game of MindFreak.
NASA Space Center
Super crowded, but pretty cool to see everything.
Swinging Door BBQ
No visitor comes to our house without a trip to our favorite BBQ restaurant.
Brazos Bend State Park
We had only about an hour here, but were able to a bunch of alligators!
Houston Livestock, Show & Rodeo and Carnival
Drew braved the 130' bungee jump and this is the only photo to prove it.
Blue Bell Creamery
I have 5 versions of this that each one of us is holding Alayna.
I give you one guess who's idea that was. :)

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Ginger said...

Looks like everyday was FUN!!