Friday, November 20, 2009

Daddy's Day Off

Blake took the day off on Friday. We told Sammie we were going to go to 3 special places as a family. All day long she kept track of what number activity we were on.

1. Pets R Us
Samantha loves puppies. Understatement of the world. Maybe someday she'll get one. Just not yet. In the meantime, I have decided to help her decide what her favorite kind of dog is...yorkies!2. Lupe Tortillas
Nothing better than cheese 3 ways for lunch.
Cheese stick, queso and a quesadilla.3. Build-a-Bear Workshop
Aunt Melissa gave Sam a gift card for Christmas...last year. What a fun store to play in. Sam took forever picking out her kitty. We choose a kitty meow and the Happy Birthday song as sounds. We each gave kisses to the new kitty's heart and then stuffed her with love. Sam gave the kitty a really good bath. Then she picked out a ballerina outfit and shoes and wand. Just before we put her in the box, Sam decided to take off all the clothes and give her another bath...the kitty has never had clothes on since.

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