Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baking and Arts & Crafts Day

Aunt Melissa has been visiting us before her job starts up again. She is the leader of baking day. She picks the recipes and goes shopping with us. These two have become quite a pair! Giggling and yelping everywhere they go! Samantha is really starting to enjoy helping. Her attention span is getting longer and she acts really serious with some tasks. Today we added arts & crafts to our baking day. Melissa researched some fun things for Sammie to make. At the store, we bought a craft bin and a bunch of stuff to fill it with. We should be prepared for future weeks now! Samantha made a monkey puppet. She named it Mickey the Monkey. Melissa made a Ladybug hand puppet. This one was a bit more complicated. Sam put on the eyes and dots.

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Marci said...

Can she come to our house tomorrow :-)?!