Thursday, March 26, 2009

Samantha's Bedtime Routine

If ever we call on you to babysit, here is Sam's schedule.
It is long. But fun. Sometimes.

Before, during and after dinner, Daddy and Sammie play basketball in the driveway. She got a pink basketball and volleyball for Christmas. She likes to carry them
(both at the same time) around the house, waiting for Dad to get home. And, she sleeps with them at naps.

Car ride
We pimped out her car with a DVD player. Luckily Aunt Melissa is letting us borrow this for the plane ride. Imagine Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for 3 hours straight...she'll be an angel the entire flight!
The washcloth on her tummy is keeping her warm because she gets cold...wonder who she got that from!
We let Sam pick out 2 books. Tonight was a bear theme: Bear Wants More and We're Going on a Bear Hunt. This was the first time Blake heard her "read" the book.

She won't say them, but she will give a shout out to her current favorites of the day. Mommy, Daddy, Gamma & Pappa, Deesh & Ray, Ma-Lissa, Nate & Ditney, Lauren-Avery, Davey, Lyd-i-a...and then she'll add any friend she happened to see that day. Prayers are going to become really long after we reunite with all 26 cousins next week. Is that right? Is there really 27?!


At bedtime, she almost always hides in the same spot. We would tell you, but that would be cheating. We wouldn't want to spoil all the fun. This is another spot she will either hide in, or watch TV from here. Can you see her?
Look closer...There she is!Potty
We are not potty-trained or potty-training for that matter. She wears pull-ups and goes pee-pee before and after nap and bedtimes. It's a start. When we get back from Nate's wedding, she's got a whole pack of Disney Princess undies waiting for her.

I have an entire stash of potty prizes. So far, she only cares for the bubbles. She has to be in bed, laying down...that way she can catch them with her feet.

Once the bubbles are over, she starts screaming to go "poops." This is a lie...she doesn't need to go again, so don't fall for it. The key is start singing a song she will sing along with. Current winners are: I Know You from Sleeping Beauty, Twinkle Twinkle, I Am a Child of God, and Wheels on the Bus. After she blows us kisses, Dad leaves and I get to sing a few more songs. Then we leave her to talk and sing to her baby. Door open.

That's ALL it Takes!


Linsey said...

Wow! Sammie is pretty good with the basketball! Where did you find a pink one? So cute! I love how you treat bedtime, not as a chore, but as family time. Linsey

Kristin said...

Man, I better let Avery know that the party's at your house every night! Maybe she'll want to move in!