Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Sleep...

Sam has always been a great sleeper. Now, don't think I am about to tell you otherwise...there has just been a modification to her current wake-up routine.

We put her to bed at 8:30pm. She wakes up around 9am. I get her up, change her diaper and get her dressed and we begin our day with breakfast and Mickey Mouse.

Until lately...her new morning conversation is as follows..."Mama down."
I get her out of bed.

"No diaper."
Refuses a diaper change and immediately says,

"Piddow. Blankie. 2 Binkies.
More Sleep."

She is asking for her pillow and blankie so she can lay on the floor with her binkies, and yes, there are 2 of them.

"Mama, go away. More Sleep."
Seriously, she is asking me to go away! So...I leave. And she stays. Today she laid there for another half hour. Alone. On the floor.

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