Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Translation = one more hide.

We play hide and seek every night before bedtime. Sam will usually hide, while Blake and I go from room to room, saying, "Sammie, are you in the bedroom? (or whichever room/area we are looking in)" Our question is always answered by a high-pitched, squeaky "Nooooa!"

Today, Sam wanted me to hide before nap. After the 1st hide, I couldn't help but record this video. She does exactly what Blake and I do when we are looking for her.
And yes...she looked for me under the sink, under the balloon and in the fridge. Hilarious.


sarah said...


This posting was precious! I love the way kids' minds work. The fact that she looked for you under the balloon is precious and down right flattering. Fun to check in with you guys!

The Patton Family said...

That is pretty stinkin cute!!! I personally thought for sure you were in the fridge! Too cute!!!!