Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yes, We Missed Sammie!

It pains me to not have the Costa Rica blog on top anymore...but we must move on! Sam has gotten really big and says just about everything we ask her to. Tomorrow is her birthday and when asked, she will say she is turning "2." Here are a couple of videos for all the cousins to enjoy.
The rooster and alligator are our favorites.

Sam's favorite word is "juice." I think she likes the way her mouth forms to say it, cuz she also loves to say, "shoes."

Sorry for the nudity, but she wouldn't stop screaming, "I DID IT!"

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The Patton Family said...

Oh, your little girl is TOO CUTE!!! Happy Birthday to her! I love them at this age, minus the whole terrible 2's phase, I love it when they learn and discover new things!