Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Lil' Sticker Picker

On any given, at any given moment, I can guarantee you can find 1 of 3 things lying around our house: pony tail holders, bobby pins and torn up stickers. The first 2 are obviously my obsession...but the stickers are all Sam. Places you would never imagine to find a sticker, Sam will find it and pick it! For example: underneath the barstools, behind the tv entertainment center, on the toilet seat bowl, inside the cabinets, address labels on boxes and envelopes, size labels on new clothes...

This all started when we moved. Every box, every piece of furniture and all the odds and ends of our house had a packing # sticker. They were really easy to peel off and could be found EVERYWHERE! Sam was immediately hooked! To this day, we are still finding them.

For example, this morning. Sam woke up to happy little squeeling sounds and saying,

Translation: Mom! Look! I found another packing # sticker! Hurray!

Translation: Quick, get me over there! I wanna get it!

Translation: Now, mom, watch closely...the key is using your fingernails...now do you understand why I hate when you clip them?

(complete silence)
Translation: I'm concentrating...sometimes these stickers pose quite a challenge. (notice her tongue hanging out)
Translation: See how easy! Isn't pickin' stickers FUN!

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Look at all those teeth!