Friday, May 30, 2008


Over the last, oh let's say 10 months...I have been attempting (almost daily) to accomplish 2 simple grooming tasks on Samantha. Clipping her fingernails and toenails AND pulling her longer hair on top, into a ponytail. The only problem is, they aren't (weren't) simple at all! Trying to get Samantha to hold still has been near impossible...until now!

Crazy Post-Nap Hair
Random Fountain Up-Do

When Sam was still a baby and napping in her car seat (yes, you read that correctly, she would ONLY nap in her car seat, which we would bring into the house). That was the only time I could clip her finger and toe nails....she had to be dead asleep! Recently, Blake and I would bribe Uncle Ray to give her a mani-pedi. She sits perfectly still for Ray!

Mani-Pedi with Ray-Ray

Created her own seat to sit back and enjoy!


Amy said...

I love the hair!

Anonymous said...

She's a beautiful girl!!